Tailored Banking Security Solutions

It is a high time to enable a reliable surveillance system in banking and financial institutions in order to prevent them against various vulnerabilities like violence for the staff, vandalism, ATM skimming, suspicious activities, and armed robbery.S M Infotech provides an integrated solution to ensure the highest level of the security in an attempt to prevent both its living and non-living assets.

  • Impeccable ATM Surveillance
  • Banking Surveillance
  • Locker

Why Surveillance is inevitable for Banking and Finance sector?

  • Ensure the safety of the ATM
  • To keep branch under an effective surveillance
  • To overcome the security challenges of the Cash Van
  • To maintain a reliable entry-exit surveillance

Corporate Solutions

It is high time to look ahead at the severe threats that can potentially impact the security of your company in order to supersede them, be it the conduct issues, or compliance with the regulatory authority. There are multi-faceted issues that make a company need for a reliable surveillance solution. It doesn’t only enhances the productivity of your workplace, but also helps you to achieve the ultimate goals of your business as it is very rightly said- When the cat is away.. The mice began to play.

CCTV surveillance can help a company in umpteen ways

Integrated Security Solutions For Education Sector

The demand of campus security is increasing enormously in order to establish a safe and sound learning environment. Bizario Consultancy Services offers a wide array of the robust security solutions to overcome the multi-pronged issues related to the security of educational institutes like drugs, weapons, and harassment. Bizario Consultancy Services is offering its comprehensive solution to keep the campus and conveyance unharmed.

Main Issues That Need Monitoring In Education Sector

Hospitality / Healthcare

The demand of the security is increasing rapidly in the hospitality and healthcare sector to ensure quality health assistance and public safety. Also, it is important to safeguard a healthful working environment for every working man and woman. Health surveillance is also important for the risk assessment, in order to supersede them.

The main issues that need monitoring in the Hospitality and Healthcare Sector

Several Years of Trust For Making Safer World To Live

In today’s era Security is an intrinsic concern of the society and must never be ignored. It is a matter of disquiet, whether your home or office is in peril to uncertain threat or not. In fact, it must be the first priority to ensure the safety of your living and non-living assets, as world are full of vulnerabilities. Get our CCTV system installed at your home and prevent any undesired burglars attempting to enter your property without your consent.

The best part, once the camera is well placed after the site assessment, you would be able to keep an eye on the exterior entrances of your home, monitor your children and even sent warning message through its audio feature. Moreover, you can also place camera over detached portions like garage, garden area, backyard and terrace and curb any kind of undesired mishap.

Retail Solutions

The retail industry has metamorphosed to a great extent since last decade with the entries of the big names in the market. With the emergence of luxury brands, high-end products, the retail sector is attracting burglary and nefarious intrusions. Bizario Consultancy Services is offering its comprehensive solution to overcome the various challenges of the same field like theft, inventory shrinkage, and others that may expose you to a severe vulnerability.

The main issues that need monitoring in the Retail Sector

  • To keep eyes on the transactions, taking place at the point of sale
  • To secure parking lots
  • To maintain a real-time monitoring with security alerts
  • To get a clue of the lost or stolen money from the counter
  • To keep eyes on the store, when you are not abounds


With the increasing number of vehicles on the roads, efficient traffic and incident management has become very important nowadays. An effective surveillance plays a vital role to enhance the quality of transportation and prevents life-threatening risks by recognizing suspicious items or activities. Bizario Consultancy Services offers an efficacious traffic control and surveillance, which includes lane control signals, CCTV cameras, automatic incident detectors, variable speed limit signs and variable message signs.

The main issues that need monitoring in the Transport & Traffic

  • General surveillance of the traffic
  • Track live trains and their running status
  • To prevent any kind of misbehavior
  • Live track of the vehicles on the roads
  • Tracking of the bus routes and in-bus cameras of the live monitoring
  • To keep the track of the fuel, speed, ignition, etc.